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Engineering Tools, Metrology & Inspection Equipment, racking storage bins, etc
Venue address
Unit R6
Marshall Way
Commerce Park
Frome, Somerset
BA11 2LD
United Kingdom
Engineering Tools, Metrology & Inspection Equipment, racking storage bins, etc

Engineering tools and equipment, metrology and inspection equipment, racking, storage bins, etc

On the instructions of a Private Client

Auction dates
Starts: Sep 09, 2019 06:00 AM BST
Ends from: Oct 03, 2019 03:00 PM BST
Auction currency
Collection in person
Tue 8th & Wed 9th October 2019 only
between 9.00am and 4.30pm
Other payment methods
We found 243 items matching your search
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Colchester lathe tail stock, 9" centre height
Face plate, 17" D1-8
Rohm 12" 3 jaw chuck D1-8
Colchester 4 jaw chuck, 16" diameter D1-8
Colchester 4 jaw chuck, 12" diameter D1-6
Colchester 4 jaw chuck, 10" diameter D1-4
Rotary table, 15" diameter
Indexing chuck fitted with 10" Pratt 3 jaw
Swivel and Tilt machine vice ( 125mm wide jaw )
Machine vice 10½" wide jaws
Deckel dividing head 120mm centre height
Colchester fixed steady 7½" centre height
Pair large vee blocks, 12" x 6" x 9"
Collet chuck and collets D1-4 fitting
Face plate, 21" D1-6
Face plate, 16" D1-6
Face plate, 12" D1-6
3 jaw chuck, 12" diameter, D1-8
2 x 3 Jaw chucks, 9"
650mm diameter face plate D1-8
Granite surface plate 1000 x 630mm, Grade 00, unused
Crown Surface plate flatness checker
Giss Height gauge 600mm, unused
Set Length bars imperial, 1/2" to 51"
Straight edge, 1000mm long x 55mm high x 50mm wide
Mitutoyo internal micrometer 120" part no.140-162
Mitutoyo internal micrometer, 100mm 2100mm
Mitutoyo micrometer 104-145A, 700mm to 800mm
Mitutoyo digital combination micrometer, 150mm to 300mm
Mitutoyo combination micrometer, 20" to 24" No 104-154
Mitutoyo combination micrometer, 4" to 8"
Mitutoyo digital depth gauge, 450mm
Mitutoyo digital depth gauge, 300mm No 571-253-10
Mauser digital depth gauge, 300mm
2 x vernier depth gauges, 200mm and 300mm
10 x Giss digital vernier 150mm, unused
2 x Giss dial vernier 150mm and 200mm, unused
Vernier 12", unused
Mahr special purpose vernier, 20"
Mitutoyo digital Vernier 24" No.552-313
Mahr 1000mm Vernier
Preisser 300mm Vernier
Benson 24" Vernier
Long nosed vernier 500mm
Preisser Vernier depth 800mm
Benson 36" Vernier
Vernier caliper 2500mm, unused
Chesterman Straight edge, 24"
Chesterman bevel edge Straight edge, 72"
3 x Rules 2Metre - 1Metre & 1/2Metre
Box Metric taps
83 x Box Metric taps, M2.5 & M4, unused
Helicoil taps inserts & tools metric
Helicoil taps inserts & tools metric