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Everwood Ltd
Venue address
Emir Building
Wotton Rd
Ashford, Kent
TN23 6JY
United Kingdom
Everwood Ltd

Woodworking Machinery and Associated Equipment (Subject to Availability)

By order of James Hopkirk and Andrew Tate of Kreston Reeves LLP the Joint Liquidators of Everwood Limited

Auction dates
Starts: Jul 12, 2021 06:00 AM BST
Ends from: Aug 11, 2021 12:00 PM BST
Viewing dates
Aug 09, 2021 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM BST
Auction currency
Collection in person
Mon 16th to Fri 20th Aug, 9.00am - 3.00pm ONLY
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We found 82 items matching your search
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240v wall mounted angle poise lamp
Coolie 2 ton Pallet Truck s/n 225440B-9
Coolie 2 ton Pallet Truck s/n 154.225430A.406
Coolie 2000Kg Short Fork Pallet Truck
Coolie 2000Kg Pallet Truck
Coolie 2 ton long fork pallet truck
1200w vacuum cleaner
Numatic NVD575 1600w vacuum industrial cleaner
Prem-i-air halogen garage heater 240v 3Kw
Thermo Quartz THE3000 IR panel heater 240V
Sack Barrow/Stair Climber
Three mobile box trollies
Steel framed mobile box trolley
Set of mobile aircraft steps
Three Platform Trollies c/w one lifting handle
Two pallets of various packing crates as lotted
Sixty-seven Emir 240mm beech mortise gauges
Thirty Emir 2500mm hardwood bench hooks
Twelve Wurth Superspanner 1600mm sash clamps
Twelve Wurth Superspanner 1200mm sash clamps
Twenty-two various size unbranded sash clamps
Climax 1000kg pallet truck (spares or repair)
Seventeen steel bins
Fifteen steel bins
Five steel bins
Lot 173
Approximately eighty-five wood pallets
Twenty double wood pallets