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Engineering, veterinary, medical and laboratory equipment, etc.
Venue address
Building 819
Unit E, Discovery Park
Sandwich, Kent
CT13 9NJ
United Kingdom
Engineering, veterinary, medical and laboratory equipment, etc.

Engineering, veterinary, medical and laboratory equipment, etc. (subject to availability)

By Order of a Retained Client

Auction dates
Starts: Jul 23, 2021 06:00 AM BST
Ends from: Aug 17, 2021 03:00 PM BST
Auction currency
Collection in person
Strictly by appointment Mon 23rd Aug
to Fri 27th Aug 2021, 9.00am – 4.00pm only
Other payment methods
We found 273 items matching your search
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ETTAN DALT II Gel Caster, Model 80-6467-22. (WA13048)
Hawksley Haemacytometer Set
Dilvac Medium and Small Wax Flasks, 2pcs. (WA13088)
Two 25ml Hex base glass measuring Cylinders FB55205
Reaction Glass Vessel
Hawksley Haemacytometer Set
Four DrySyn Wax bowls 100ml (WA13163)
PULSAFE Respiratory Protection. (WA11238)
Millipore water purifier Milli Q plus (WA11243)
Reaction Glass Vessel
Remp manual piercer (WA11008)
Five DrySyn Wax bowls 100ml (WA12822)
Reaction Glass Vessel - excluding framework
Hawksley Haemacytometer Set
Jenway 3320 pH Meter. (WA11032)
Locking Brackets for Oxford AS 500 NMR (WA13365)
Jasco CO-1560 intelligent column thermostat (WA11287)
Instron Impact Accessories. (WA12922)
Colmark C95031S Pressure meter (WA10842)
IKA Color Squid (WA11014)
Gast Pumps, Series 1531 (WA10853)
JENCONS whirlmix vx 100 S/N;71221056 (WA11199)
Carl Zeiss light source (WA10965)
IKA Color Squid (WA11015)
EMKA Technologies Ventilator Vent2. (WA13220)
Avisoft Bioacoustics UltraSoundGate 116 (WA13087)
Solid Stainless Steel and Glass Reaction Vessel.
Multidrop Micro Accessories. (WA13056)